Meet Our Speakers

Robert Meganck, prolific illustrator, author, consultant and digital pioneer, believes creative problem-solving thrives when we’re willing to make mistakes, re-evaluate possibilities, and most of all, have fun.  A professor of illustration, graphic design, and digital imaging at VCU, Meganck is also founder and principal of his own firm, Communication Design, which serves marketing, web development, corporate identity and editorial clients.

Matt Wallin has been gaining international recognition for his work as a visual effects artist for more than 15 years. His portfolio of work spans numerous feature films and fine art projects, and he has worked along such notable figures in film as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen. Matt currently lives with his family near Richmond, working as a writer, director, visual effects supervisor, researcher and educator within VCU’s Communication Arts department.

Robert and Matt, together with their peer Peter Martin, are developing a revolutionary digital platform for re-imaging and understanding color — their project will present color in 3D. The design will reflect our dynamic natural experience of color, with variations that reflect movement, light and density. Peter Martin explains: “Existing models give a two-dimensional view of what is essentially a three-dimensional space. This model should make it much clearer as to how colors interrelate and allow a more sophisticated analysis of two-dimensional color images.”  Peter is a scientific consultant and adjunct faculty of the VCU Physics department.

See Robert and Matthew’s TEDxRVA 2013 talk here!