Meet Our Speakers

Rob Gibsun and Eric Stanley, budding artists and creative collaborators, attended high schools in the same county. Rob wrote poetry and drew portraits. Eric played the violin and piano. One afternoon at church, Rob drew Eric playing the piano. Years later, at VCU, Rob became a resident assistant in Johnson Hall for the Artist Colony. As the universe would have it, Eric ended up being Rob’s resident, living right next door to him.

One day, Rob played a song by the artist, Nujabes, called “Mystline.” It resonated with Eric, but he knew the track was missing something: the violin. Eric awakened his inner-composer and performed a cover of the song at Johnson Hall’s open mic program. He began making violin-cover YouTube videos in his dorm room while Rob kept making art and fueling his passion for performing poetry as a member of Richmond’s Slam Nahuatl poetry troupe.

Throughout the years, Rob and Eric stayed in contact and their collaboration continued: Rob drew the cover art for Eric’s first mixtape while Eric composed the music for Rob’s first poetry project. Recently, these two artists collaborated to create their most captivating piece, “Untitled Visions,” which features Rob’s vibrant storytelling laced with Eric’s musical composition.

See Rob & Eric’s TEDxRVA 2013 performance here