Meet Our Speakers

KaosPilot is building the world’s next generation of spirited and innovative leaders, on mission to achieve the greatest expression of individual and societal potential. Established in Denmark is 1991, KaosPilot has developed a culture and strategy of education and consultancy that advocates the individual as well as the collective, inspiring and empowering action and leadership that is born out of and benefits the whole. Students are challenged to envision the world they want to be a part of, and guided in the process toward becoming the change agent that can bring that vision to life. We graciously welcome Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius and David Storkholm to join us on the TEDxRVA stage as representatives of this groundbreaking program.

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, principal and CEO of Denmark’s The KaosPilots, recognized by Business Week as one of the top design schools in the world. He defines his role as developing future leaders and entrepreneurs capable of making a difference in the world. An associate scholar at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at Cumbria University in the U.K., Christer earned an MBA at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. With a background in strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship in a variety of fields, he enjoys experiencing new people, new places, music, and nature.

David Storkholm is the Co-founder and program director of The KaosPilot leadership program “Creative Leadership” and a faculty member at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. A professional coach and leadership trainer, David has dedicated his life to making people grow. He has 15 years of experience training young entrepreneurs at KaosPilot, which specializes in designing courses, workshops, and conferences with a creative edge and global mindset that breathe new life into individuals and organizations. Besides his background in music, David is a Spotify aficionado, a devoted kite-surfer, and a family man.

See Christer and David’s TEDxRVA 2013 talk here