Meet Our Speakers

“Every day they jumped up ready to make the future. But at night, laying around & talking & laughing was when the real work got done.”

Brian Andreas is the artist, writer and entrepreneur behind the internationally known boutique art and book publisher, StoryPeople. His work is easily recognized by its whimsical stories (like the one above, Real Work) and colorful art.

StoryPeople stories take the form of everything from wood sculptures to colorful prints and coffee mugs. The stories and drawings have been collected in a series of books, for adults and children. Brian is also the creative architect and founder of tumblecloud.com, a digital storytelling platform that allows users to collaborate easily using photos, video, audio, and text. Twice nominated for the Pulitzer prize, Brian now has written 9 bestselling books and his career path includes stints as a playwright, contract archaeologist, cook, tennis pro, storyteller, theatre director, systems analyst and programmer, graphic designer, marble sculptor, and accountant.

Like his career path, his art takes on many forms: “Though I’m in the thick of technology (or, maybe, because of that) I continue to work in lots of different media, including stuff I can get my hands on, like words, wood, metal, paint & canvas, as well as newer forms that are more difficult to wrangle: street art & graffiti, video, animation & interactive multimedia.”

See Brian’s TEDxRVA 2013 talk here