Meet Our Speakers

Ben and his wife searched long and hard to find a community that would be the best place for her to do her medical residency and also be the most viable location for Ben’s progressive dream embodied in fashion and the tag #niceiscool. They decided that Richmond was that ideal location, and, in August of 2010, West Coast Kix opened for business.

From day one, Ben and his team at West Coast Kix set out to empower their customers to embrace their own individuality and, more importantly, to accept and encourage others around them to express themselves. #niceiscool was born out of the concept that promotion of individuality is only necessary in a world stifled by a mob mentality. As tolerance increases, self-expression is an automatic byproduct, and in turn creativity and innovation flourish.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ben is a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and spent time in investment banking and international consulting before making the big move to RVA.

See Ben’s TEDxRVA 2013 talk here!