The Experience

Charity Water Walk

It’s staggering to think that 800 million people in the world today don’t have immediate access to clean, fresh water. Charity Water is an organization that helps raise awareness and funds to help those in need. As our major philanthropic partner for the day, they sent us 70 jerry cans – large yellow cans that hold 5 gallons of water. Charity water sends millions of these cans around the world to help people transport clean water.

We thought long and hard on a way to use these cans in an artful and emotional way. So, we put a call out to a small group of people in the community and asked them to join us in a project to “walk in the shoes” of those less fortunate.

Roughly a quarter mile away from the event, 20 participants met before registration, picked up 40-lb jerry cans and began a trek to the TEDxRVA space. As simple as it may seem, the experience of carrying the heavy cans up and down rugged streets and paths of Richmond creates a deeper understanding and empathy of the cause.