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Be a part of the second annual TEDxRVA event.  Your involvement will help put a spotlight on artists who create, researchers who inspire, and other thought leaders in our community. All support provided by sponsors is directed toward the production of a dynamic event led by volunteer organizers. Keep reading to see highlights from TEDxRVA 2013 and how your contribution can help make TEDxRVA 2014 another great event for Richmond.

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We revisit the 2013 TEDxRVA experience with RVA Grooves.

Relive TEDxRVA 2013 through the Real Time Book, created on site the day of the event.

On March 22nd 2013, organizers of TEDxRVA stood before 20 volunteers and asked them to carry 40 pounds of water a half of a mile. In words, this seems trivial.  In action, it is an ode to those less fortunate that live this existence, or one more strenuous, every day. The Charity Water Walk served as a reminder of how fortunate we are and how much can be taken for granted without a second thought.  The Walk cultivated spontaneous teamwork among strangers as it was not a race but a group effort to raise awareness about the struggles faced in various parts of the developing world.  The video below illustrates the willing and able participants that seem only slightly intimidated at the beginning of their trek, only to follow them to their fatigued and humble finish.

For an amazing snapshot view of news from the 2013 TEDxRVA event as compiled by RVA News, click here.


Benefits will vary based on your level of sponsorship. General benefits may include:

  • Logo placement
  • On-site banner
  • On-site presence for top tier sponsors, such as display table and other acceptable presentation content
  • Placement on main web site
  • Press release mentions
  • Event Tickets
  • VIP Access to Open Mic Night events
  • Various levels of engagement in outreach events based on level of sponsorship