These three entrepreneurs had one common thread, a focus on benefiting nonprofits and empowering donors. Marti is the co-founder and CEO of Plan G, focusing on helping individuals and businesses manage and grow their giving to nonprofits more effectively. Brian created Bonfire Funds, an innovative crowdfunding platform that helps nonprofit supporters raise money by selling t-shirts. And Geoff co-founded InLieu which is a platform designed to utilize crowdfunding to help fund scholarships and charitable endowments... Read More t

Robert and Matt, together with their peer Peter Martin, are developing a revolutionary digital platform for re-imaging and understanding color — their project will present color in 3D. The design will reflect our dynamic natural experience of color, with variations that reflect movement, light and density. Peter Martin explains: “Existing models give a two-dimensional view of what is essentially a three-dimensional space. This model should make it much clearer as to how colors interrelate and allow a more sophisticated analysis of two-dimensional color images.”.. Read More t

Michael-Birch Pierce is an artist based in Richmond. Pierce’s talk will be part performance and part conversation. To him, art is not about making grand statements or perfectly crafting a beautiful object, but rather it’s a tool for connecting individuals. It’s that shared experience – through brief but very intimate interactions with his subjects – that Pierce values above the finished product... Read More t