Mike Henry graduated from The Collegiate School and Washington & Lee University before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. There, he met Seth MacFarlane who invited him to write for his animated series Family Guy. In his six seasons on Family Guy, Mike created and voiced characters Cleveland, Herbert, Bruce, Consuela, and more. In 2009 Mike developed Family Guy spin-off series, The Cleveland Show which he continues as executive producer while continuing to voice his much-loved Family Guy characters... Read More t

Cheryl Heller is a communication designer, writer and creative business strategist who has helped multi-national corporations, start ups and non-profit organizations grow. She has been profiled through articles in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, Graphis, and Communication Arts, is the recipient of countless awards from national and international creative competitions... Read More t

These three entrepreneurs had one common thread, a focus on benefiting nonprofits and empowering donors. Marti is the co-founder and CEO of Plan G, focusing on helping individuals and businesses manage and grow their giving to nonprofits more effectively. Brian created Bonfire Funds, an innovative crowdfunding platform that helps nonprofit supporters raise money by selling t-shirts. And Geoff co-founded InLieu which is a platform designed to utilize crowdfunding to help fund scholarships and charitable endowments... Read More t