Rob Gibsun and Eric Stanley, budding artists and creative collaborators, attended high schools in the same county. Rob wrote poetry and drew portraits. Eric played the violin and piano. Throughout the years, Rob and Eric stayed in contact and began have together developed a unique collaborative dynamic. Rob drew the cover art for Eric’s first mixtape while Eric composed the music for Rob’s first poetry project. Recently, these two artists collaborated to create their most captivating piece, “Untitled Visions,” which features Rob’s vibrant storytelling laced with Eric’s musical composition... Read More t

Ivy Ross is a thoroughbred creator. Her careers in executive roles with Mattel and Calvin Klein as well as an internationally acclaimed artist have set her apart and made her a leader in the creative field. Richmond can look forward to the high-profile experience and perspective she will bring onstage... Read More t

From day one Ben Margolis, founder of West Coast Kix, set out to empower their customers to embrace their own individuality and, more importantly, to accept and encourage others around them to express themselves. #niceiscool was born out of the concept that promotion of individuality is only necessary in a world stifled by a mob mentality. As tolerance increases, self-expression is an automatic byproduct, and in turn creativity and innovation flourish... Read More t